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Chef Britt Shyrene

Britt Shyrene Culinary LLC

A Little Backround

Hey there! Just wanted to share a little bit of my background with you here before we get into the fun media on this page. Fun facts 101, First I live in Northern Virginia, I am originally from Indiana but didn't grow up there, so I feel like my true home is South Carolina, its where I spent a lot of my younger years and where I get some of my culinary influence. Indiana has its place culinarily as well, its undervalued, but starting to get noticed. I am interested in seeing where the food scene in Indianapolis goes. Anyway, I have always had a knack for the arts but was in denial that I wanted to be a chef for a long time. For me it was something that I loved so much, and so fun that I thought it could only be a hobby and not a career. I was obviously wrong. You know you have found your true ailing when work and success is fun, and doesn't feel quite like work. at times, it will absolutely feel like too much work but it becomes so much of who you are as a person. the chef and the person become 1 and cooking amazing foods becomes a lifestyle. Its interesting how those things work out. I went to culinary school in Muncie, Indiana at Ivy Tech Community College, its where I found my voice and my worth and dove head first into the culinary world. I am lucky to have been a student there. I learned from some of the most amazing people that I have met to this day and I am so grateful to them for everything I gained in my time there. Sadly during my 2 year, 19 credit hour semester stints at Ivy Tech, I left Indiana 1 semester short of both my Culinary & Pastry Degrees, and an ACF certification. As much as I would like to have those wonderful pieces of paper, I don't truly need them to succeed. That adventure will be for another time. The current adventure is what I am focusing on. Just started my own Culinary Business. Im building a brand, a lifestyle a cuisine, and a network. I have huge dreams and am striving for excellence. I will eventually be a Beard Chef and would love to earn a Michelin Star in my lifetime. So getting this business up and running and getting a brick and mortar are my next goals. Thats the dream, the idea the goal. it always changes and grows as I do, it just makes the adventure more exciting. Enough of my rambling. If you'd like to follow my adventures and story I just started a Video channel where I will be periodically doing lives as well as other types of videos, you can follow my adventure, come behind the scenes, and get to know me. Check it out. I have pushed myself this past few years to be great and its paid off in some ways. I am so excited for the future, and to see where this goes. I was lucky enough to be featured in a couple publications for my work. Check out those features below. 

Behind the Scenes with Chef Britt